How To Practice Relax & Lengthen At Home

Let’s Practice Using Zoom to Relax & Lengthen at Home!

First photo on left: I’m not sure who’s showing who how to relax & lengthen more here, Mike or Pancho, one of Ann and Mike’s new cats!

Photo on right: Cynthia’s set-up to do some R & L; here she rolled up a medium sized towel & put elastic bands at the ends for a lumbar roll (back of the waist roll; fans open the discs/supports and encourages a natural curve here, where it is often flattened)
Note that you will only need a non-moveable rug and head pillow in addition to the waist/ lumbar roll for now.
Hi Everyone –

I so hope you are doing well; staying safe, grounded, and connected to loved ones in creative ways, which I think is more important now than ever.

I am very excited to start teaching our classes in your home through zoom, having finally accessed it through a new email address, and will start with a shorter ‘practice class’ this Thursday at 4pm!

I want you to know that this is relatively new to me as it might be for you, and that little glitches may and probably will happen, but that’s okay – we’re all in this learning curve together!

We’ll start with some ‘test/practice classes’ to work out where the best places are for you to do this, and I’ll give you a short lesson in zoom as we use it.

This will include how to see and greet others in the class at the beginning (opt, if you’d like), and then how to make my image appear larger as we all turn off our own video image and microphone to begin the class.

Try not to be overwhelmed, we’ll go over these things at the beginning of every class, and soon you’ll be in your own zone, relaxing and lengthening!

For those who would like to practice ‘entering a class’ with just the two of us ahead of time- I am more than happy to do so! It’ll probably take 15 minutes, so please don’t hesitate to call, email or text (978-809-0556) me and we can set up a time.

I’ll send out what’s called the ‘Zoom Invitation’ in a class email a day or two before each class, so that it’ll be easy to click on it to join whenever you’re ready to, once I’m there of course. I’ll be there 20 minutes ahead of a class start time for now.

I recommend that you download (add to your computer, pad/tablet or phone) the Zoom App ahead of time; see the yellow button below called ‘Zoom App to Download’ which you can press to do so. You’ll then see 2 boxes, one for apple/mac and the other for everyone else; it’s called google play.

(By the way, you can skip this and opt to be prompted to download it once you click on my class ‘Zoom Invitation’ right before class if you’d prefer.)

I have also learned that Zoom works best with the internet browser called Google Chrome, so you may want to download that as well, by searching for it in your app store.

The button below that one that says; ‘Click here…’ is the one to press when you’re ready to enter the Thurs 4pm class.

For security reasons, when you click to enter the class, you’ll be in the Waiting Room. This is added security from Zoom. I will invite you in within 1 minute.

I will always be at class 10-15 minutes early, and for the first few will be there 20 minutes early. If it’s your first time using zoom or you simply enjoy seeing and greeting one another, come early. If you prefer to be in a quieter space, just turn your volume down (the normal way you do on your computer or devise) and start your breathing and centering.

It has occurred to me that since most of our schedules have changed, you may want to attend class at a different time of day; so please let me know, I’m open to suggestion!

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