Creating Different Angles of Stretch

Once again, we will experiment with different angles of stretch in these full-body lengthening positions to see what feels useful for our body today. This time, instead of bringing our arm right up by our ear in the ‘oar-lock position’, we’ll start with it lower, and gradually move it both up and out to create different lines of stretch through our back and shoulder from the sidelying position.

I hope you are doing well!
We will start with a few loosening movements done standing, do a simple balance and then move to legs up the wall.
We will do variations of the sidelying position…primarily with the arm, and optionally with the leg position.
And we will also do a very gentle body traction face down, letting the pelvis stay weighted on the floor, and use our arms to traction and move the upper body a little further away on the inhales……and then relax and settle on our exhales.
Feel free to come to either or both 4pm classes this week, today and Thursday; I look forward to seeing you to relax & lengthen!
Class equipment you’ll need:
-a wall or stable chair base
-a rug, mat, bed, or sofa
-2-3 bed pillows
-Miracle Balls (optional)
Come as early as 3:50 if you are new to my class or zoom, or if you’d simply like to say hello before we start!
You can also join a little early if you’d like to use your pinky balls for a few minutes or simply relax before we begin.
I will walk everyone through the 3 things you need to do on zoom just before we start the class at 4:00pm, or feel free to do them ahead of time yourself:
pin my image and turn off your own video & microphone


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