Your Body IS Your Home!

Your Body IS Your Home!

“If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body…

Where are You Going to Live?”


Come try a First Class for Free and Experience
how deeply peaceful your body and mind can be!















The 222 Arts and Wellness Center
222 Eastern Ave, Gloucester MA

Relax & Lengthen Yoga™ Classes are a system of self care created by Margi Green CNMT. These classes include gentle, conscious stretching; self massage; postural and ergonomic instruction. Would you like to increase your body awareness and learn to release areas of muscle tension with guided relaxation. Relieve your pain, reduce your stress, and learn to live in your body with greater ease.

Fall Class Hours for -Relax & Lengthen Yoga™ Class Times and Locations

Tuesday 4:00 pm & 5:45 pm
Thursdays & Fridays, 9:30 am
Private In Home Sessions
Private Sessions via Skype
Call 978-283-3330 for information, reservations and appointments

If possible, let me know you are coming and arrive 15 minutes
early for your first FREE Class!

 See You There! Margi


“My Whole Body Feels Different When I Walk Out of Margi’s Class. There is something so Fundamental has changed for me in the way I walk and feel. I am 68 years old and I feel so much better than I did 10 years ago!” – Marsha

“Thank-You for Helping me Loosen Up, You are Very Good at What You Do!” – Scott

“Legs Up the Wall is MY Salvation” – Peter



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