Who would be interested in a Thurs. Night Class at 222 and my trip to Kripalu

Hello Everyone!

Who would be interested in Thursday a Night Class at 4:30pm or 5pm at 222Wellness in Gloucester, MA. Several people have requested I start a class at that time and I am taking an informal poll of who would be interested in attending. Please email me at: relax@margigreen.com


photo 2

So Peaceful at Kripalu…. in Lenox, MA where I recently took the Melt Training


I had a wonderful first visit to Kripalu, taking the ‘ MELT Immersion ‘ course; and I’ll be slowly integrating some similar techniques into our class ! ( She does a lot w/smaller balls for the feet and hands, and some rollers. )

photo 1

This is me at the Melt Immersion Training

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