A good way to stretch your hamstring and hip flexors

Of course; your hips should be further away from the wall if you feel any ‘ annoying ‘ feelings in this hamstring stretch ( back of the upper leg ), and …remember ; you are in charge of making it feel great !

The other leg can have a pillow under the back of the knee, or you could bend it, putting that foot flat, if you feel too much sensation anywhere from your back through your upper leg. Generally speaking, you will feel this in the upper, inner thigh, where the psoas tendon hitches to the upper, inner leg. ( the psoas is a deep, internal low back muscle )

Someone sent me a series of pictures of their daughter’s cat, Lilo, see three of them below.
Like Elwood, our poster-child cat, we can learn from observing how naturally animals move into and out of stretch positions, and try mimicking their relaxed method of stretching ! – Margi

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