Do you have Jaw Pain? TMJ Treatment Series Special!

Do you have Jaw Pain?

Jaw Pain and Headaches are REAL and TREATABLE!!
Margi Green is a

Licensed & Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, and one of the conditions she treats is TMJ (jaw pain)

NOV-DEC 2014 TMJ Treatment Series Special Offering










Things that could be contributing to your Jaw Pain could be Muscle Tension in your Neck, Shoulders, and Face. I treat all of these factors in a typical TMJ Session.

I will also teach you Self Care Techniques that are easy to do at home on a regular basis which prevent further problems.

My suggestion is to get 1 treatment, see how it works for you and then decide on a Series Special I am currently offering.

 First Treatment $75

Series of 4 Treatments at $65 each


“My Jaw Thanks You!!”  ~JP (This client was told he wouldn’t be able to eat solid food for 3 weeks and after 1 treatment and doing self care techniques for 2 days, he was back to normal eating!)

“When Margi works on the jaw muscles that cause me discomfort the release of tension and pain in those areas subside immensely. Her massage techniques feel wonderful as do I after treatment!!!” ~ KE

“Margi has a tremendous knowledge of the human body and how muscles, bones, and joints work together to create harmony within” ~IL

“Since seeing Margi I am aware of places I hold stress and I am  conscious of what I need to do to prevent further injury” ~MS

Please call 978-283-3330 or email me at




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