Do you have Jaw Pain? TMJ Treatment Series Special!

Do you have Jaw Pain?

Jaw Pain and Headaches are REAL and TREATABLE!!
Margi Green is a

Licensed & Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, and one of the conditions she treats is TMJ (jaw pain)

NOV-DEC 2014 TMJ Treatment Series Special Offering










Things that could be contributing to your Jaw Pain could be Muscle Tension in your Neck, Shoulders, and Face. I treat all of these factors in a typical TMJ Session.

I will also teach you Self Care Techniques that are easy to do at home on a regular basis which prevent further problems.

My suggestion is to get 1 treatment, see how it works for you and then decide on a Series Special I am currently offering.

 First Treatment $75

Series of 4 Treatments at $65 each


“My Jaw Thanks You!!”  ~JP (This client was told he wouldn’t be able to eat solid food for 3 weeks and after 1 treatment and doing self care techniques for 2 days, he was back to normal eating!)

“When Margi works on the jaw muscles that cause me discomfort the release of tension and pain in those areas subside immensely. Her massage techniques feel wonderful as do I after treatment!!!” ~ KE

“Margi has a tremendous knowledge of the human body and how muscles, bones, and joints work together to create harmony within” ~IL

“Since seeing Margi I am aware of places I hold stress and I am  conscious of what I need to do to prevent further injury” ~MS

Please call 978-283-3330 or email me at




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Fall into Fitness for City Employees and their Friends!

Margi would like to offer a FREE FIRST CLASS and a 20% Discount for any City Employee (and Friends) for a series of 6 Classes! Good Thru Oct 12th, 2014

Margi Green has been a Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist for over 25 years here in Gloucester, MA. Seeing the need for her clients and other friends to be able to decrease their own muscular pain, she created her class “Relax and Lengthen”.  The goal is help you learn how to RELAX YOUR MUSCLES, REDUCE YOUR PAIN, and STRETCH SAFELY – Gentle Conscious Solutions.

Margi teaches her classes at 222 Arts & Wellness Center on Eastern Ave near Pond Rd.


Tues: 4pm and 5:45pm

Fri 9:30am

Please let me know in advance if you are interested in a Thurs. 4:30 or 5pm class as I am taking a poll on this now.

Contact me at 978-283-3330 or email me at



photo 5

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30 Day Balance Challenge

Winter is Coming!

This is the perfect time to start challenging our Balance; very simply and slowly!  

We will begin doing this now in class, and I invite you to join myself and other class members in making this a new daily habit at home – and it will take less than a minute. (I do this while brushing my teeth)! Each week will will add simple techniques to continue improving our balance.

photo 2

photo 3

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Miracle Balls are Here!

These are the miracle balls that we use in my classes to help release the hip, thigh, and low back muscles!

Available NOW at Green Life/Common Crow, Main St., Gloucester, MA ask for Donna!



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Who would be interested in a Thurs. Night Class at 222 and my trip to Kripalu

Hello Everyone!

Who would be interested in Thursday a Night Class at 4:30pm or 5pm at 222Wellness in Gloucester, MA. Several people have requested I start a class at that time and I am taking an informal poll of who would be interested in attending. Please email me at:


photo 2

So Peaceful at Kripalu…. in Lenox, MA where I recently took the Melt Training


I had a wonderful first visit to Kripalu, taking the ‘ MELT Immersion ‘ course; and I’ll be slowly integrating some similar techniques into our class ! ( She does a lot w/smaller balls for the feet and hands, and some rollers. )

photo 1

This is me at the Melt Immersion Training

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Your Body IS Your Home!

Your Body IS Your Home!

“If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body…

Where are You Going to Live?”


Come try a First Class for Free and Experience
how deeply peaceful your body and mind can be!















The 222 Arts and Wellness Center
222 Eastern Ave, Gloucester MA

Relax & Lengthen Yoga™ Classes are a system of self care created by Margi Green CNMT. These classes include gentle, conscious stretching; self massage; postural and ergonomic instruction. Would you like to increase your body awareness and learn to release areas of muscle tension with guided relaxation. Relieve your pain, reduce your stress, and learn to live in your body with greater ease.

Fall Class Hours for -Relax & Lengthen Yoga™ Class Times and Locations

Tuesday 4:00 pm & 5:45 pm
Thursdays & Fridays, 9:30 am
Private In Home Sessions
Private Sessions via Skype
Call 978-283-3330 for information, reservations and appointments

If possible, let me know you are coming and arrive 15 minutes
early for your first FREE Class!

 See You There! Margi


“My Whole Body Feels Different When I Walk Out of Margi’s Class. There is something so Fundamental has changed for me in the way I walk and feel. I am 68 years old and I feel so much better than I did 10 years ago!” – Marsha

“Thank-You for Helping me Loosen Up, You are Very Good at What You Do!” – Scott

“Legs Up the Wall is MY Salvation” – Peter



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Margi Green will be on Vacation July 28-Aug 3, 2014 – No Classes or Appointments Available

Margi Green will be on Vacation

July 28 – August 3, 2014


Classes and Appointments will begin again on Mon., Aug 4, 2014

Happy Summer!

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Margi Green, developed her Relax & Lengthen Yoga™ practice to help people relieve pain, reduce stress, and learn to live in their bodies with greater ease.







The practice consists of gentle stretching  and the use of small flexible balls to massage and release tight muscles which relieve joint and muscle pain by achieving natural posture…..all done with guided relaxation …ahhhhhh !

Check out a Class at 222 Wellness Center, 222 Eastern Ave., Gloucester, MA

  • Tuesday 4:00 pm & 5:45 pm
  • Thursdays & Fridays, 9:30 am
  • Private In Home Sessions
  • Private Sessions via Skype

Margi is a licensed massage therapist, practicing in Gloucester , who was looking for a way to help her clients learn to help themselves between sessions. She has been teaching for several years now. Call 978-283-3330


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Do You Suffer from Jaw Tension or Pain?

Do You Suffer From Jaw Tension or Pain?tmj2

Something can be done!

Do you suffer from:

  • Jaw Problems – tension, clenching, grinding, popping, discomfort with eating
  • Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • Headaches
  • Tooth Erosion


I am trained in treating these problems with Neuromuscular Therapy and have over 30 years experience. Self Treatment Techniques and Education to prevent further problems are available.

Please call 978-283-3330 for an appointment.


Your Jaw will Thank-You!


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Ted Talk Amy Cuddy – Your body language shapes who you are!

Ted Talk – Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are!


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